CC Outtake: “Customized” Subaru Legacy Sedan – Is This Any Different Than What Kids Were Doing To Their Cars In The 50s?


I’ve shown you a few cars shot in Eugene and painted in this style. Does this style have a name? And is it really any different than what kids were doing with their cars in the 50s and 60s?


Ok, I realize that trying to bridge two such different styles may be a big stretch, and that your taste (and response to these two cars) is undoubtedly colored by your own experiences when young. But are they really that different? Both are young people giving their car some unique identity through their artistic efforts.


If you think the Ford is a lot more tasteful, what about this? Boing-g-g-g!


Let’s walk around and check it out a bit closer. West Virginia plates; now that’s rather unexpected. Maybe they didn’t find a lot of appreciation for their handiwork, and decided Eugene would be more embracing.


Interesting choice of car too, as Legacy sedans are shockingly uncommon here, in the land where Subaru is king.


This shot has soft focus. Or are my eyes getting worse?


Looks like it’s still a work in progress. Maybe they came out to Eugene to have it done here? Are there master painters here that specialize in this? I have seen several similar ones. I’ll need to dig a little further…