CC Outtake: Dacia Pick-Up At Work

The Dacia Pick Up, derived from the humble Renault 12-based Dacia 1300 that was Romania’s main domestic automobile for over three decades, has inspired a remarkable amount of interest here.

The Dacia 1307 double cab pickup with rear wheel drive was the subject of an Outtake by Paul in March of this year, and the conversion of the front wheel drive Dacia to rear wheel drive was part of a lengthy special by Tatra87 on FWD cars converted to RWD.  This Renault/Dacia-based El Camino (to Americans)/Ute (to Australians) is an ordinary work vehicle in its own country, though, as shown by this scene by the side of the road in Romania.  This Pick Up is hard at work as a roadside watermelon stand, its rear springs and oversized rear tires compressed by the weight of the heavy stack of fruit in its bed.  It appears to be a heavy duty version with five lug hubs instead of the three lug hubs of the original 1300 sedan and RWD/4×4 pickups, making it a hard working vehicle indeed.