CC Outtake: Datsun 510 Wagon With Unusual Engine Cover

I’ve been seeing this 510 wagon running around town, and I finally caught up with it at Jerry’s. It’s missing a few body parts, but that hasn’t slowed it down any. Maybe the opposite.

Looks like one of those rubber anti-fatigue mats.

We did have a some rain a couple of weeks back, but even then I wonder if it’s worth it. Probably.

Another angle for your viewing pleasure.

And one more. It’s nice just to see a 510 on the streets again; they’ve been getting rather scarce.

This one probbaly wouldn’t pass muster in some states or countries. but all’s good in Curbsidelandia.

A tow hitch too.

Given the outside, the inside is not surprising. Looks like the whole instrument panel is AWOL.

The cargo area is getting put to good use.

Eugene. Love it or…don’t. We don’t care.