CC Global: Disparate Darts, Variant Valiants – Alternate-Universe A-Bodies

Good morning, what’s this? There’s nothing such as what it looks like, a ’70 Dodge Dart station wagon (with a ’71 grille, by the paint of it). It’s a 1970 Valiant Safari from Chrysler South Africa, from the same model range as this Valiant Charger 190 Sports Coupé:

(that’s me at about 19 years old, there in the driving seat)

Here’s a brochure pic of that wagon. Neat, eh?

It’s a North American Dart front end on an Australian Valiant VE-VG wagon body, and we can even see the white front reflectors mandated for many years on all cars in South Africa. A few years earlier, the ’68 model had an American Valiant front end on an Australian VE body:

Those taillights make me run mind-movies of metal massage sufficient to graft on a ’67-’69 Barracuda front end, and the resultant puzzlement at car shows.

Clear across the globe in Mexico came this 1970 Dart GTS:

Minor differences in the badges, but pretty much like any other ’70 Dart, right?

…No, lookit these sail-panel C-pillars!

They made them like this at the factory:

Michael image on Flickr