Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe – Could Have Used Some More Supreme-Sized Wheels And Tires

What is it with me? I always seem to find the weak spots of a car to pick on. Am I a car bully?

But looking at this shot of this very original 1968 Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe shot and posted by nifticus, with its rather advanced styling elements that built on the ’66 Toronado’s integrated rare quarter panel and C-pillar, I can’t help but notice that the designer’s ambitiously large bulging fender openings are completely mismatched with the original sized wheels and tires (7.75 x 14). Even the 4-4-2’s slightly wider F70 x 14 tires weren’t going to solve that problem by any meaningful amount. This looks rather pathetic. And of course, it was emblematic of the times; why didn’t they just spring for bigger 15″ wheels and fatter tires? Oh right; it would have cost them a few bucks more.

No wonder most of these now sport much bigger wheels and tires.

That’s more like it, without going overboard.

It’s not like this is some six cylinder stripper either; the Cutlass Supreme was more well endowed under the hood than under the wheel wells; the Cutlass Supreme came standard with a 310 (gross) hp version of the Olds Rocket 350 (5.7 L) V8. If that was too much for you, there was a credit option of the 250 hp low compression version with a two-barrel carb. But no sixes allowed!

Just pretend I didn’t ruin it for you by pointing out those little donuts, and savor its sleek and curvaceous bod.