CC Outtake: Double VW Hippie Bus – “Help This Bus Move”

Like so many other artifacts of the past, genuine VW hippie buses are becoming harder to come by in Eugene. And this one is a real gem, about as good as they ever got, thanks to its Beetle raised roof. This is a cultural artifact, my friends, and it’s probably headed to the Smithsonian eventually, since Eugene’s Museum of Hippie Culture never quite got off the ground.

I cant exactly add a lot of colorful commentary, as this bus speaks for itself so eloquently.


It is a bit shy on the obligatory bumper stickers on the rear end.


The paint scheme is somewhat different on the other side, once you’ve broken through to it.




And there’s even a donation box to to “Help This Bus Move”. And what’s written on the note on the windshield? probable an offer to buy the bus for $50k.


Someone is obviously living the dream in their bus.



This is a rolling living history exhibit. Peace!