CC Outtake: Festiva With Wide Rims

Rest assured: unlike some other once-common beaters that have gone extinct, there’s still a remarkably healthy number Festivas on the streets here. But this is the first I’ve seen with such wide rims.

Not surprisingly, these rims are taking a bit of a beating at the curb.

There’s some other CCs keeping this Festiva company on this parking lot. Yes, the Mercedes W123 is obvious. But two car further down, there’s the tail end of a BMW E34 5 series.  And, yes, unlike the Mercedes and Festivas, they are getting scarce.

We’ve done a slew of Festiva Outtakes, but oddly enough, never a full CC. But we did run a Vintage Review last summer, so if you want more on this Mazda 121 built in Korea, check it out.