CC Outtake: Fiat X1/9 – Stripped To The Essentials

Spotting this X1/9 at a Walmart parking lot took me by surprise, especially when I took a closer look. It’s a genuine beater, which is not how one typically sees X1/9s these days. They’re usually in the hands of devoted owners who pamper them, and appreciate their qualities. Well, that’s not to say this ones owner doesn’t appreciate its qualities, but it’s certainly not pampered.

Let’s dive right in, as into the interior, to show you what I mean. Um, no; that is not the original dash nacelle. The whole dash upper assembly has gone bye-bye, leaving only the instruments in their sheet-metal enclosure. Makes the interior airier. And provides more flat storage room.

Surprisingly, the door inner panel/card is still there. I’m disappointed.

Ok; no more of that. Props to the owner for keeping this on the road, as that can take a bit of commitment these days. Although it’s not really all that hard; contrary to popular myth, the basic primary components of these Fiats are quite robust. It’s just all the peripherals, like the dashboard, that created all the problems. Get rid of them, and you’ve got yourself a runner.

A mighty compact one too, in this day and age.


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