CC Outtake: Ford Cargo Camper – Big Fifth Wheel Hauler

I see quite a few old buses and truck converted to campers. But this one was a bit different, in several ways. Starting with the chassis, which is a Ford Cargo, the COE truck that (tried to) replaced the nigh-near immortal C Series. The Cargo was built in Brazil, no less, and Ford soon ceded a chunk of the market that it had once practically owned.

What intrigued me when I first saw it was how short the body was, in relation to the wheelbase. Somebody doesn’t like overhangs. Or windows.


It wasn’t until I crossed the street and got closer that I noticed the fifth wheel hitch. Aha!


It’s set up to haul another camper, presumably. The registration is for a “House Car”, or whatever HC stands for in Oregon.



These Cargo trucks (out of focus here) have become quite scarce. In fact, there’s more C series trucks still around then these.