CC Outtake: Ford E350 Minibus Conversion – With Mysterious Hood Scoop

Needless to say, I’m not the only one in Eugene who’s into converting vans (or buses) into motorhomes. It’s a big thing here, part of the whole mind-set that has its roots in the rootless hippie-bus era of the 60s; or even further back, as Americans, especially out West, have always been drawn to taking advantage of our vast federal lands (which allow free camping, unless specifically posted otherwise).

There’s obviously many ways to go about this, and I’ve documented many of them here before, but rather appealing one is to convert a mini-schoolbus, or activity-bus, like this Ford E-350. This is a pretty nice conversion job, but what drew me to it was its unusual rear-facing hood scoop.

Looks almost pyramidal from this angle.

But it’s just a piece of galvanized sheet metal folded and screwed on. And there’s no opening in the hood. So I assume it serves some higher purpose other than ventilating the 460 V8 (or whatever is under there). Maybe it channels some higher forces to help ease the prodigious fuel consumption. Or?

These boxy vans make for a roomier interior and more headroom, and is pretty ideal for a moderate sized rig. The roof platform/rack is a bit crude, but it works. If I had to guess, I’d say this rig has been to Burning Man. Bikes are a necessity there, and viewing platforms are popular too.

Compared to many of the Burning Man rigs I’ve seen here, and in pictures, the hood scoop on this one is pretty low key, actually.