CC Outtake: Good Chryslers Make Good Neighbours

A member of my chosen family sent me this from below the li’l ol’ Mason-Dixon line, with the caption Look, my neighbors have a fetish you share. He’s a little out of date on that; “…used to share” is more accurate as of nine days ago (but I’m clammin’ up about that until I take my turn in the COAL mines; I’ve said too much already). A trio of lovely pre-fuselage C-body barges in an attractive set of colours. I tended to dwell at the other (A-body) end of the product range, so I can’t pick out exactly what years and models these are, but ’65-’66-’67 is my semi-educated guess. No sidemarker lights on any of them so they’re not ’68s; no covered headlamps on the white car so it’s not a ’65, but maybe the turquoise car is.

I like boxes on wheels. I like compound curves and thoughtfully-placed concavity. I like turquoise paint and round headlamps. I really think the ’65-’68 big Mopars were a high point.