CC Outtake: 1987 Audi 5000 S – The Last One Still On the Road Here?

I know this Audi 5000 is still being driven, as I saw it pull up to the curb here. I’ve seen a couple of grimy ones sitting around that look quite immobile, but this one looks downright hale and hearty.

I did a thorough CC on the Audi c3 here, and covered its unintended acceleration debacle here, so I’m going to mostly let you chime in.  But needless to say, these cars developed a rep for being a bit brittle, at least in the US. I make that qualifier because this applies to most FWD Audi/VW cars of the whole era, from the first ones until…well, you decide. But In Europe, where these cars typically were built in simpler versions, without all the power accessorizes, automatics, emission controls, air conditioning, etc., and where the mechanics were intimately familiar with them, their rep is rather different: cars that might have a few weak spots, but generally robust and not hard to keep running.


I noticed that this one is a stick. That alone may have improved its odds of survival, although it does look very well kept. It’s not likely that this was a grandma car found hiding in the garage after sitting there for a few decades. But who knows?


All I know is that it’s obviously in the hands of a loving owner. And that it’s still plying the streets of Eugene. That’s more than enough.