CC Outtake: Here’s What I Need Behind My Van

I’m finally making some progress on my Promaster conversion van, although it’s all taking a lot longer than I expected. But the electrical system is working, including the solar panel. And I’ve got most of the rest of it fleshed out in my head and the parts are in the garage. I’ll give you an update shortly.

But as I start to think about heading off in the boonies, I accept the fact that it’s not going to be as off-road capable as this Sprinter 4×4. So maybe I need me a little Suzuki Jimny/Samurai behind it for that purpose.

Based on their location and the personalized plates, I know these two are a bit of a couple. I saw “Jegy” arrive a couple of years ago, and I talked to the owner who then said he was thinking of swapping in a VW TDi diesel four.

A diesel lover, apparently. But I’ve seen the little Suzuki in traffic once or twice, and its engine sound was decidedly non-diesel. It seems like a lot of work just to make that happen, and to what gain?


These obviously make great little “tenders”, as they’re light and are quite capable off-road.


Of course the soft top version would be even better for just pure off-roading.

One of our more memorable trips in the old Chinook was to Four Corners in October of 2003. It was so warm, we detoured up into Colorado and camped up in Silverton, where we rented a Wrangler for the day and did the famous Alpine Loop, an incredible loop drive over mining/jeep roads, including this stop at Engineer Pass (elev: 12,800′). The top just had to come down, despite it being late October and the high elevation. I’d like to be doing more of this.


Looks like “Juje” is all ready to haul Jegy.  My van came with a hitch too. Now it just needs something to tow.