CC Outtake: Honda del Sol – Let The Sunshine In, To the Engine Compartment

Here’s a different approach to either: a.) lightening you car; b.) showing off your green Vtec engine;  or c.) keeping your engine well washed in our rainy winters. 

Honda del Sols are not all that common anymore, and I first saw from the rear. The six holes cut into the bumper should have been a tip-off as to this owner’s desire to cut out unnecessary weight.  Or just look different. (I just noticed the similar-vintage Civic hatch parked in front of it. Coincidence? In Eugene, not an uncommon one).

This is the first time I’ve seen this done, using the inner half of the hood by itself. And I rather like it, given the context.

Reminds me some of the transparent 1939 Pontiac “Ghost Car”, although it had a plexiglass skin, which was a hot new product at the time.

Or the Centre Pompidou.

Only the Si version came with the 1.6 L VTEC, but since there’s no obvious badging it’s hard to know if this the original engine or not. Probably so. And if so, it would have made 125 hp @6600 rpm. The green paint undoubtedly adds at least ten hp.

William Stopford did a post on the Del Sol here last spring, so I won’t get too long winded here, except to say that it was the successor to the CRX but never really took off. But its top can take off, automatically, in the case of the optional TransTop (not available in US) as seen here in this video posted in the comments on that article. Americans had to content themselves with a simple manual removal of the top panel. Seem like less to go wrong.

Now if only a Honda Jazz was parked here.