CC Outtake: How Do You Like Your Compact Pickup?

Three compact pickups 600

In chronological order from right to left, we have here a compact pickup version of the familiar timeline showing the ascent of humanity from knuckle-dragging apes to upright, intelligent-looking humans.  First, a Toyota Hi-Lux, square and no-frills, wearing a stakebed in its third decade of hard work; second, a Toyota Tacoma, with curves and bulges and more advanced technology, and similar or better work capabilities; third and finally, a Ford Explorer Sport Trac that is all cab for passengers and hardly any bed for cargo.  It’s the pickup equivalent of being all hat and no cattle, or to use the evolutionary metaphor, like a homo sapiens gone fat from sitting and watching his big screen TV and not getting any exercise.  The three trucks are in the same size class but otherwise share little aside from their paint color.  Which compact pickup would you prefer?