Cohort Outtake: Suddenly It Really Is 1998 (Updated With Another Buick Olympic Edition Shot)

1998 Cohort

I’ve had a long running series of Eugene streetside Outtakes titled “Suddenly It’s 19xx”, based on the oldest car in the shot. When I ran across this shot posted at the Cohort by Actually Mike, I was pretty damn impressed, thinking it was a recent shot. I could see the possibility of encountering this in Eugene, although it would be a stretch. And then I looked at the caption and it says “5th Ave NE 1989” (Seattle). OK; so this really is 1998. And there’s another shot of this same street, but with one significant difference:

1998 Cohort b

I can’t really explain why there’s a tall clown with the Vega now; maybe ActuallyMike can.

1998 was only fifteen years ago; wish I’d started shooting cars earlier. When we moved here in 1993, Oregon was just emerging from a very bitter and drawn out recession that lasted almost the whole decade of the eighties, and the cars were mostly really old. It was a huge contrast from the Bay Area. I should have started CC twenty years ago. And invented the internet.

1998 cohort 3