CC Outtake: Imagine Yourself In A Mercury


It’s no overstatement to say that Ford stylists went overly ovoid on a global basis in the mid-1990s, with cars such as the 1994 Scorpio, 1995 Contour, 1996 Taurus, 1997 Escort, and the 1998 Falcon, all sporting heavily ovoid design language, allegedly inspired by the blue oval logo itself. With its more limited availability, lower sales volume, and less overall freedom as a separate entity, the Mercury brand had little choice but to follow suit.


Mid-to-late ’90s Mercurys still sold in decent numbers, so it isn’t unusual to see them still on the roads today. However, this particular photo-op is a somewhat less common situation, especially considering that the Tracer wears the “Trio” decor package and that it’s the Sable which is painted in that rose gold color which it seems like every other Tracer was sold in.