CC Outtake: The Blue Brothers

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Wasn’t it ironic that Mazda ended up selling a badge-engineered Ford Ranger as their compact truck, when a couple of decades earlier, it was the other way around? This brotherly pair even sport the same blue paint.

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Ford started importing the Courier,  Mazda’s B-series pickup, in 1971, during the early years of the mini-pickup boom. And they sold several generations of them, until Ford finally got in the act with its own home-grown Ranger. But the tables turned in 1993, when the decline of that sector caused them to throw in the towel in North America, and start selling a re-badged Ranger as the B-Series.

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That ended in 2009, two years before Ford pulled the plug on the Ranger, which was getting very long in tooth, and Ford was not willing to invest in a new compact truck at the time.

Mazda continued to build and sell B-series light trucks through at least 2006, but they are related to the Asian Ford Ranger, which is also clearly Ford Ranger-derived.


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