CC Outtake: Isuzu P’up Space Cab – Still Hauling

It appears we have never given proper tribute to the Isuzu Pickup )”P’up”) Space Cab. Let’s do so know, even if it’s a brief one. One thing I’ve noticed over the years: these are invariably hard-working pickups, and this one falls in that category.

I shot this diesel long bed a couple of years back, and in my mind, I remembered it also having a load of stuff in its bed. It must have been unloaded since then.

two vintage vans in the background

These are of course the successor to Chevy LUV (Isuzu Faster), which we wrote up here. In 1982, when Chevrolet started building its own compact Chevy S-10, There was no more luv for the Isuzu, so Isuzu started selling them here, beginning with the gen2 version. It got a more detailed writeup here.

Obviously Isuzu wanted to jump on the extended cab mini-truck bandwagon, which Datsun pioneered in 1977. And although I don’t have ready stats at my fingertips, I strongly suspect that the Isuzu Space Cab was the longest of those. The big window certainly enhanced that impression.

I can certainly relate to that load, having hauled innumerable washers and dryers to and from my rentals. Just a little over a week ago, actually. Vans are good, but the ease of rolling in and out washers on a dolly into pickup bed can’t be beat.