CC Outtake: Junk Yard Visitor’s Vehicle

Seeing Daniel Stern’s recent “Junk Yard Tales” posting reminded me to share these photos I captured in a Junk Yard parking lot. Not so much because Daniel’s article made reference to such a vehicle, but because I found the truck in the parking lot of the very yard described in Daniel’s autobiographical post (Colorado Auto and Parts).

This truck has a number of interesting modifications, including paint effects and body overlays. The tailfins and wheel skirts hark back to the fifties, while the portholes with diamond paint surrounds seem more architectural than vehicular. It’s clear the owner devoted quite a bit of time creating a truck uniquely their own, but unfortunately they were not present to explain their overarching vision.

Based on a few cues (the wheels and the oval badge on the fender), I decided this “Vehicle” started life as an ’01-’04 Nissan Frontier. The owner removed all manufacture badges, and embellished the factory lines to create a new stylistic interpretation. I’m not sure where they sourced the headlights- They are similar to an Xterra of similar vintage, but the headlight buckets appear to be a custom fabrication job, so probably not.

I wish I had taken some close ups of the various filigree added to the hood and grille area, but I was headed in to search for parts, taking precedence over pictures.

Sorry about the lens flare, another symptom of my rushed photo session. The marker/turn signals appear to be universal truck/trailer parts, but they fit nicely into the Frontier’s Fog Light cavities. Not really to my taste, but I’m giving big points for the overall package. J. C. Whitney inspired, but top-shelf Whitney, not cheesy Whitney.

I’ve been shopping at Colorado Auto and Parts for over thirty years at this point, and I believe they’re the best in the business. Finding this unique mash-up in their parking lot only adds to their reputation.