CC Outtake: Kia Sportage Shorty

This generation Sportage (the first) is starting to get a wee bit thin on the ground. We’ll have to shoot one sometime and do a proper CC. But the shorty model has become a true rarity, and I just barely got one shot of this one as I pulled in to get gas and she was just about to pull out. A relic from a time when these “landaulet” CUVs were all the rage.

Here’s what it looked like from the front. Did you know that according to Wikipedia, this generation Sportage was based on the Mazda Bongo van? I knew it had a Mazda 2.0 FE engine and related transmission, but I didn’t realize it shared anything more significant with the Bongo. I do remember reading that these little CUVs are not unibody; they have a full frame, which may explain the relationship with the Bongo. Or not. In any case, I like the Bongo name better.