CC Outtake: Mazda 1500s – Different Bat Time, Same Bat Channel?

Here is a 1967 Mazda 1500, a car that has been covered before on Curbside Classic.  While it is a definitely a welcome find to see an uncommon but not exactly super-rare car, read on to see why this was a case of déjà vu.

This is the other CC find, where things can’t be a coincidence – a 1968 1500 wagon!  What are the odds that they belong to the same owner?  I wouldn’t bet against it.  These photos were taken roughly 12 months apart.

In case you were still doubtful, the two cars were shot on either side of the same driveway.

If you haven’t read Don Andreina’s excellent history of the Mazda Luce and its connection with Bertone and Alfa Romeo, you really should – here is a link.