CC Outtake: How Not To Do House Moving – “No Build”

Whenever I used to berate myself for taking so long to finish my moved houses Stephanie would always tell me to take a drive up Willamette Street. That’s where this house sits, still unfinished after being moved there 20 years ago. It did finally get lowered down on a foundation about 15 years ago, after sitting on two steel beams and cribbing for the first five years. It’s a mystery to me why someone would let this go unfinished for so long, given all the rent they’ve foregone. Conservatively, they’ve missed out on some $300,000 in net income. They could have paid someone to put it back together for maybe a quarter of that back in 1998. Oh well.

And the sign on the porch is deliciously ironic.

No Build indeed. That sign was part of an opposition campaign against the Bus Rapid Transit system (EMX) that was built several years back. That’s another story, as the money to build it came from Washington, not local tax dollars. Made about as much sense to protest that as it did to let this house sit here unfinished for 20 years.

Actually, I see that the electric service has been connected, and there’s a gas meter. And there’s a drain line for the gutters. I’d say those all happened in the past 5-7 years or so. At this rate, it will get done; say maybe another 10-15 years.

No, nobody’s living in there; I checked. The interior needs a complete renovation, but these little bungalows are pretty easy to whip back in shape, as Jim Klein knows. A couple of guys could whip it out in 2-3 months, and start collecting rent, as in at least $1600-$1750 a month.  Makes a landlord like me shake my head. Time is money.