CC Outtake: Mercedes-Benz Hymer-Mobil Type 550 – Euro-style Motorhome Finds a New Home

Sometimes, changing your predetermined route has you discovering CCs, and they could be really outstanding, as is the case here. The other day I was arriving to work through a different street than unseal, and that HUGE box-shaped classic was unavoidable.

Obviously, this is a new import into Israel, as such European-sized motorhomes were never sold here – there’s no demand for this kind of vehicle in a country roughly 550Km long by 100Km wide, for obvious reasons. But I guess someone with an old dream had new money and decided to import a really unique classic, and I say – good for him. Weird and out-of-place classics is just the thing to refresh the parade of Corvettes or Mustangs.

As you’d expect, I had to back up considerably to take this photo – that thing is BIG. Note the small round cover lower right – I think that’s a CNG fueling port. Many people using old commercial vehicles add this alternate method to overcome the atrocious fuel consumption (most Vandura/Savanna owners do this).

Round to the back, and I absolutely love that bubble rear window. Quite wisely, the owner added a reverse camera clearly needed with this kind of vehicle. That storage metal, er, closet, at the very rear of the camper looks like an after-thought and not something that came out of the Hymer factory, but who knows. It looks shallow, until you change view once again:

Not so shallow, is it? This gives a new meaning to the word “overhang”. Just visible is a roof opening (above the front cabin), and notice another CNG port available for refueling on the camper’s other side.

Moving further towards the front, I notice how Hymer set up the mirrors on long struts, so that they could be adjusted for various drivers – cleaver. Folding steps under the door and rolling-out shade canopy are mandatory, of course.

Last photo is a peak inside where, after all the laughs I realized how much space they achieved by extending this camper’s body to all directions as much as legally possible – that shelf behind the dashboard \ instrument cluster is holding two folding chairs! I didn’t notice that at first.

The Hymer camper-van company is still going strong after more than sixty years, as you can see here. Their products are well known to Europeans, Germans in particular – obviously on a smaller scale than the American more-bus-sized RVs, but it makes sense on Europe’s mostly smaller roads. My research has me determine this Hymer-Mobile as a 550 model, one of the smaller campers the company offered back in the early-to-mid Eighties, and based on the well known and widely popular Mercedes-Benz TN series, either the 309D or 409D.

Last credit has to be given to this page, dedicated to old Hymers – I got a lot of info from it, and some more laughs; Have a look at the catalogues 1984 to 1987 for some expressive photos outlaying the campers’ bedroom, bath and shower amenities.