CC Outake: 1986 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Wagon – Not Totally Authentically Classic

It’s my duty to document all the remaining ’77-up GM B-Bodies left on the street here. That involves an ever shrinking pool of eligible candidates, and an increasing percentage of them are now well-kept or even renovated examples like this one, and ever fewer beaters. Which is a bit sad, from my warped perspective, as I seem to like these cars better in an advanced state of decay rather than pristine, like this one. Why? probably because I wasn’t too wild about them after the first couple of years of them, especially so by 1986, when this Caprice Classic was new.


I own my prejudice, but by 1986 I thought these were getting just a wee bit stale. But then some folks love stale bread; it makes great toast! And the sides of this one does look like nicely-browned toast. Actually, it is of course wood-grain vinyl applique, or Di-Noc, or whatever you wan to call it, and it is doubly fake, as this is clearly new.

This is what it’s supposed to look like, with a bright trim molding wrapping the wood grain applique. And the wood is a different grain and color.


So maybe this was originally a non-woody Caprice wagon? The tailgate is also missing the wood touch.


The interior is in equally commendably nice condition. Someone will tell us just which Delco audio system this is.

And there’s those fake wire wheel covers; also doubly fake as these are not like the originals, which were one of the relatively better examples of the breed.


No, it’s not exactly original, which is a makes this one a more forgettable example of the species. It’s just not working well for me. But then it clearly is for its owner, and that’s what counts. Who cares what I think anyway?