CC Outtake: Mercury Colony Park Wagon – Got Gingerbread?

I shot it, so now I need to say something about it. Well, I don’t know what year it is, as Carfax draws a blank based on its license plate, and I can’t tell these apart. let’s try something else.

Yes, there were subtle changes to the body, especially the front end, but I can assure you I did not take note of that at the time. I didn’t take not of these box Panthers at all at the time, as I thought they were rather badly out of date; a rolling retro-mobile right off the dealer lot. The Mercury Family Truckster. But I appreciate what they’ve come to represent: the dead end of an era. And this one is in pretty decent shape.

Classic brougham. Actually, those seats look more inviting to me that some of those overdone tufted, loose pillow affairs. These look almost like they could have come out of a Volvo 700 series. Almost. The dash not so much so.

A storied name, soon to be no more. The “wood” trim surrounding the “wood” is a bit odd, eh? That doesn’t really make any sense. Not that sense had that much to do with this stuff anyway, but still.

All those layers of trim are a bit busy, especially on the back end. Quite the contrast from a W124 wagon, as an extreme example.

The rolling gingerbread cottage. That’s about all I can come up with; your turn.