CC Outtake- Saab Quantum III


People go to car shows for a combination of reasons. These include the opportunity to relive their youth, drool for a rare iconic car, or simply to attend a social event. In addition to those reasons, I hope the opportunity to see something unique ranks high on most people’s list. For example, here’s a Saab based convertible that I’ve never seen before. The car includes Saab badges on the hood, trunk and wheel covers, Saab door handles and big offset front wheels from Saab’s 95/96 era. The styling seems to match up to the same time period, but seems very un-Saabish.

1956 Saab Sonett I "Super Sport"

An intial search on the internet provided no hints regarding this car. Saab did build a few (6?) 2 place Sonnet convertibles in the late fifties, but their shape lay much closer to the frumpy end of the style spectrum.


This rear view helps a little-  Those smooth flowing lines and nicely edited wheel openings appear in sharp contrast to the Sonnet parked next to it. If Saab had a hand in building this car, they must have used an outside designer, as the Saab design house never turned out a product so clean in execution. The license plate reads Saab Q3, which rings a bell- I heard someone at the show talking about a Saab Quantum.

Sure enough, an internet search for “Saab Quantum” provides this Wikipedia link. It turns out an American team built this Saab Quantum III (and a few other Quantums) in the early sixties. If you share my appetite for the unusual, I hope this Saab has helped to feed it. If not, I’ll have more of the unusual in future posts.