CC Outtake: Now That’s More Like It!


Labor Day Weekend 2013 287 (800x553)

Tri-Five Chevys? On CC? Okay, they’re 210s and not the ubiquitous ’57, but this is CC folks! So, to put things back on an even keel, here’s a rare Pontiac 6000 station wagon I spotted on the way back from the big car show in Nauvoo on Sunday. This survivor was either in Wapello or Mediapolis; I forget which.


It appears to be an ’87 or newer, judging from the composite headlights. A bit rusty, but not bad for the Midwest.

Labor Day Weekend 2013 286 (800x517)

Here’s a fuzzy shot of the rear quarter view; the sun was rapidly setting as I shot these pics. Too bad it wasn’t an even more elusive Di-Noc 6000, but I’ll take what I can get!

8-30 and 8-31-2013 006 (800x497)

And just to prove I’m not a complete Tri-Five grinch, here’s a nice 210 I saw at the weekly cruise night at Culver’s a few weeks ago–with proper dog dish hubcaps and blackwalls, of course!