QOTD: What Cars Do You Most Often See Broken Down On The Side Of The road?


I was out taking a female friend who can’t drive to the dentist today, I passed a 199? Malibu on the side of the road with blinkers going but no driver in sight.  On the way back, there was a ratty ’70s Ford pickup with the hood up but again no owner around. I live  in Little Rock, so I see a pretty wide variety of cars that have chosen to remind their drivers of the need for routine maintenance.  Anything from trashed amateur tuner monstrosities, tired Tauri, Camry convertibles and huge-rimmed donks have all appeared on the right (and occasionally the left side)  of my windshield only to vanish in the blink of an eye.


I’ve only seen one or two on fire in the past decade, but that’s something guaranteed to draw the attention of the rubberneckers. Sometimes I’ll see something on the news, especially if it’s a gory crash with pyrotechnics on a slow news day. I once had a ’78 Cougar XR-7 burn to the frame way back in 1989 but the old days of cars routinely bursting into flame seem to be behind us, thank goodness.

So here’s a topic for CC that I haven’t seen before.  What cars do you see the most in the breakdown lane?