CC Outtake: Old Dodge Class C Motorhome With Gold Trim

CC 279 032 1200

When will see the last of these mid-late 70s Dodge motorhomes? 2056? They’re the cockroach of motorhomes, and our streets in certain parts of town host a number of them…indefinitely. They’re the cheap home on wheels for the homeless crowd, and they’r egenerally not exactly easy on them. But this one seems to be holding up pretty well. And it has such nice shiny “gold” trim, so I had to stop and shoot it.

CC 279 033 1200

Isn’t that lovely? The RV industry is highly cyclical, and the 1975 – 1979 years were perhaps the biggest boom years, until this last boom era we had before the last bust. And in this period, Dodge practically owned the Class C market, spewing these chassis-cabs at a prodigious rate. Of course, it all came to a crashing halt during the second energy crisis cum 1981 recession. A huge number of RB manufacturers went belly-up. Winnebago barely survived. And Chrysler pulled the plug on its once dominant motorhome business. You wont see any Dodges from the mid eighties and up; all Ford and Chevy. But while the going was good, Dodge was spinning gold.