CC/Auto-Biography Outtake: Old Chevy Van In Front Of House I Built

CC 279 035 1200

This battered old Chevy van from the 70s caught my eye, although it’s hardly worth shooting. But then this is the other side of our block, and my friend James and I built this house by ourselves twenty years ago, so I figured it was worth a shot. The house is hard to see, as the trees have all grown up so much.

2290 Monroe 002 1200

Here’ almost the exact same view, in the fall of 1995, with my trusty F100 in the front. It hauled a lot of materials that went into this house, and the roof is permanently dented from carrying too many 16 foot 2x12s one day. And that’s me up there pulling up another piece of lumber to cut.

2290 Monroe 001 1200

And here is the main house, framed and ready for a roof before the serious rains come. And they did.

2290 Monroe 001 1200

Isn’t building fun? Well, the idea always is; the reality is…some of the time. Especially when you get to stop for pictures.

The owners tried to sell it last summer, and there’s still a video of it, in case this kind of thing interests you.

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If not, you can gaze at this lovely van.

And within a month or two, I’m going to show you the new house I’m going to finish shortly. It will be the last! I’m too old for this kind of fun anymore.