CC Outtake: One and a Half Chevy LUVs – The More LUV The Better

Finding some genuine Chevy LUV is becoming a bit scarce in these times of hardened hearts. But this person has got more than enough LUV; one and a half, by my reckoning. And he’s willing to share.

This LUV, being a 4×4, is even more desirable than just any old LUV. I did a full CC on a similar version here. For those of you born before the days of LUV, it was a badge engineered Isuzu Faster (faster, my luv!) to do battle with the other Japanese mini-pickups during the great boom era for them (1970s-1980s). The LUV first appeared here way back in 1972, making it the first captive import minitruck along with the Mazda-built Ford Courier.

Presumably the trailer was bought recently rather than being for sale. Who could resist a matching bed-trailer for their pickup?

The hitch could use one of those dropped balls to make the trailer ride a bit more level, but otherwise this makes for a luverly rig.