CC Outtake – Passed on the Left by a Model T


Sometimes a guy just needs more power.  I had been pretty satisfied with my Kia Sedona.  At 271 horsepower, it is the fastest vehicle I have ever owned.  But then, maybe my cars have just not been that impressive.  This was all I could conclude as this Model T blasted past me one cold day in March.

It was about 30 degrees that day.  But not too cold for this intrepid soul to snap on the side curtains and blow the carbon out of his hot rod Ford.  That huge engine probably radiates a lot of heat into the cabin, anyhow.   I guess the cold, dense air must provide a sort of supercharging effect to make those twenty ponies really sassy in such a lightweight car.  I will have to keep an eye out for this car now that warmer weather is here.  Maybe the owner will tell me the secret of slowing down such an awesomely powerful car with rear-wheel-only brakes.  Perhaps that two-speed planetary transmission was known for its epic engine braking?