CC Outtake: Blue Jewel

Alfa 600

Sunny weather brings the classics out of hibernation, and a beautiful mid-May day brought out this Alfa Giulia sedan.  The license plate read “66SUPER”, indicating that the car is a 1966 Giulia Super.  Powered by a 1,570cc twin-cam aluminum four with twin two-barrel Weber DCOE carburetors, with a five speed manual transmission, and stopped by four wheel discs, the Giulia Super was a sophisticated sports sedan, introduced in 1965 as a higher performance version of the Giulia of 1962.  The Giulia was exactly contemporary with the BMW New Class, and although BMW emerged as the leader in sport sedans, the Giulia is arguably a more interesting-looking boxy sedan than the Corvair-influenced BMWs.  It certainly stands out more, almost five decades later.