CC Outtake: Shining A Light On Shonky Repairs

“Shonky” is another Australian slang term you mightn’t be familiar with although our British and Kiwi readers may be. It means to be shoddy, of poor or dubious quality or, in some cases, to be maliciously dishonest. For example, our wretched current affairs shows will regularly run segments on topics like “shonky builders ripping off hard working Aussie battlers” (and inevitably chase one such builder through a parking lot with the cameras rolling).

Well, I don’t think a shonky mechanic ripped off the owner of this Pathfinder but this is certainly a shonky repair job. Can you spot what’s wrong with it?

If you zeroed in on that right-hand side headlight, you’re correct. It looks to have been procured from a 2002-06 Toyota Camry and hastily fastened to the car. I hope this is just a temporary fix.

Looking at it, I can’t help but be reminded of Homer Simpson’s attempt to build his own car from an old mattress, tires and flashlights.

Let’s hope this owner didn’t knit their own seatbelts.