CC Outtake: Shorty Promaster 118″ WB Van Is Shorter Than a Caravan

The Dodge Ram Promaster comes in three wheelbases (118″, 139″, 159″) and four body lengths (159″ wb regular and extended). By far the least common is the little guy, on the 118″ wb. It’s also only 195″ long overall, making it by by far less the only compact full size van on the market. It reminds me quite a lot of the old Dodge swb van of yore. Maybe that’s why they’re still selling this?

These two Dodge FCA vans show just how compact this guy is: the Caravan has a 121″ wb, and is 203″ long. And of course has much less cargo room. I wonder why the shorty Promaster is so uncommon?

Here it is with its spiritual predecessor. I guess the swb full-size van market just ain’t what it used to be.

By the way, the respective cargo capacities of these two shorty vans is: Promaster 118: 259.2 cubic feet; Dodge 109: 206.6 c.f.  The Promaster’s FWD, low load floor and taller overall height (88..7″ to about 80″ makes the difference. One thing is for sure: the visibility from the cab is vastly better in the Promaster.