CC Outtake: So Which One Is The Daily Driver?

An Audi C3 lover lives here. The 5000 Quattro is gathering moss. The 200 Quattro looks a bit more roadworthy, but then there’s that almost flat rear tire. That leaves the Saturn.

Well, we can’t exactly blame Audi for the slow leak, just like it wasn’t fair to blame it for the unintended acceleration incidents.


Gen 1 Saturns are starting to get a bit scarce on the ground. And this is a “stripper” SL model, for what its worth. From all the comments I’ve gotten over the years to my misunderstood Saturn Deadly Sin article (It was about GM’s decision to create a Saturn Division, not the car itself), these are presumably pretty tough little cars. And the no-rust body was of course a great asset in the Rust belt, although a bit wasted out here.

Or maybe the true daily driver is at work?