CC Outtake: Subaru XT – Subarus Then and Now

Not only are Subaru XTs becoming a bit scarce, but this one posing with a more recent Outback compelled me to take a few shots. They both have boxer fours, but thats about where any similarities end. And by that I mean their drive trains, as this XT appears to be a FWD version, as best as I can tell.

In any case, styling and formats have changed drastically.

The XT was a big deal when it arrived in early 1985. Up to that point, Subarus had mainly been funky little sedans, wagons, and a few quirky coupe versions of the sedans. But the XT was an ambitious step into the wedge shaped world of sport coupes and bold design. Probably a bit too bold for some folks.

The XT initially came in NA and Turbo versions, both with 1.8 L variants of the EA-82 series SOHC engines. The NA version made some 97 hp, and the turbo 112 or 115 hp, after 1987.

And the even bolder six-cylinder XT6 arrived in 1988, with Subaru’s first six cylinder engine. We covered the XT and XT6 in depth here.

The XT’s interior was as 80s as its exterior, and then some. The “floating” pod had a number of controls, and the steering wheel is straight from a Citroen. In fact, Subaru was channeling Citroen more than a wee bit around this time, especially with the XT and its successor, the SVX. In fact, that’s exactly what I called the SVX in my write-up of it.

Yes, the XT’s butt comes off a bit enlarged, due to the wedge shape as well as my camera angle/lens. But then every wedge has to have a big end, and this is it.