CC Outtake: Sunset, Starlight, Thunderbird

CC 172 060 1200

(first posted 2/20/2016)    After braving winds and cold rain on the obligatory daily walk, I came home today and stumbled into this picture I took on a very different sort of day. It makes me warm just to look at it. The Coast Starlight was running late that day, as it’s supposed to leave Eugene at about five. But it’s photobombing my shot of this T-Bird basking in the sunset of a warm evening was quite welcome. Too bad the rest of the shots of this car didn’t turn out.

CC 172 052

My camera (long discarded) just couldn’t get a focus; maybe it was too dark already. But you know what a 1955 Thunderbird looks like.

Seeing the Coast Starlight that night heading for Willamette Pass gave me the idea to ride it over the cascades and back. Just a few days later, we made that trip, which I documented here.