CC Outtake: The Eclectic Driveway – The Kids Are Back, With Their Old Cars

This driveway off the alley is just three houses away from me. It’s owned by an elderly couple, but at least two of their kids have moved back in recently. To help out, or get a head start in living in their likely future home when the parents die? Anyway, the driveway has become quite eclectic as a result. Too bad the red Ford Festiva wasn’t there the day I shot these; but that may be because it’s the only one currently running.

The Honda looks like it’s in the process of some front end work. I haven’t seen the Subaru or VW bus move since their arrival, so maybe they’re the backups.

And the Chrysler convertible, which belongs to the parents, hasn’t moved in quite a while. That may be a reflection more on their health than the car’s, but I don’t really know.