CC Outtake: The Last Extraterrestrial Embassy Previa

Paul has been chronicling the last of the Toyota Previas in use in Eugene as taxis (see here, here and here). Well, this may be the last Tarago (Previa) I’ve seen in use as an official vehicle for The Extraterrestrial Embassy.

Ok, ok, so it’s also the first. Until this weekend, I had never heard of this embassy. If you’re so inclined to learn more, the URL is helpfully printed on the vehicle.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise to see a vehicle so emblazoned in West End, an extremely eclectic, bohemian neighborhood in inner-city Brisbane that’s definitely worth a visit. The area attracts a diverse group of people, from indigenous Australians to hipsters, hippies, and older folk who have been frequenting West End since well before it was cool. There’s a slew of amazing restaurants run by European and Asian immigrants, plus plenty of bars and easy access to our Cultural Precinct. I don’t know exactly where the Extraterrestrial Embassy is, however. It doesn’t show up on Google Maps but if it’s anywhere in Brisbane, it’s probably in West End. (And if it’s not, it’s probably in northern New South Wales, where the drugs are plentiful and there’s allegedly a number of communes and alternative religious compounds.)

There’s still plenty of these Taragos around Brisbane, being as they were the most popular minivan here for some time and hot property for families that could afford them. Their reliability is undoubtedly why they have been used as taxis in Eugene and extraterrestrial embassy cars in Brisbane.

Photographed Saturday, 6 April in West End, Brisbane, Queensland.

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