Taxis Of Eugene Outtake: The Last Previa?

CC 268 001 1200

At one time, Oregon Taxi had a big fleet of nothing but Toyota Previas, bought used, repainted and put to hard work. They had their own maintenance building, where one could see parts cars sitting around, as well as new arrivals before they were painted. But the supply of available Previas has obviously begun to dry up, given that the last one was sold in 1997. There’s still quite a few around in Eugene, but in the hands of owners who aren’t likely to give them up. So Oregon taxi has diversified, and when I saw this one the other day, I thought I’d better shoot it in case it’s the last one.

CC 268 002 1200

From the replacements, it’s apparent that Oregon Taxi is solidly sold on used Toyotas, of one kind or another. I looked into the dash of this Previa, and it had a bit less than 500k on the odometer. I talked to one of the drivers a while back when I rode in one to the airport, and he said that the Previas typically ran 500-600k miles on them before they were mustered out.

Not ten minutes after taking this shot, I saw another Previa. So this isn’t quite the last one yet, but I didn’t want to take any chances. They will be missed as a fixture from our streets.