CC Outtake: The Last Previa Taxi, For Sure

I’ve been showing you our dwindling fleet of Previa taxis for years now, and the last time, in November of 2015, I speculated if that was the last Previa left. Since then I shot this one last summer. And I haven’t see one since. So now it’s for certain: the Previa taxi era in Eugene is finally over.

In case you missed it earlier, Oregon Taxi started out here about 15 years ago with a fleet of nothing but Previas that they bought used. The Previa was sold in the US from 1991 to 1997. That means they were already between 13 and 9 years old then. They had a central shop where one could see old ones being cannibalized to keep the others running.

Eventually they started adding other newer but used Toyotas the fleet: Siennas, Prii, gen2Xb, and others. And I kept looking to see when the last Previa was to be seen. No more. Not bad for being 26-30 years old!

And now that Uber and Lyft are back, there’s fewer taxis of any kind to be seen.