CC Outtake: The New Home On Wheels Is Closer To Done, Including The Dome On Top

CC 279 030 1200

I first shot and posted this bus in October of 2014, when it was still a work in progress. Then I saw it the other day, and shot it again. And almost that same day, the owner left a comment about it on that old post, with some details. Woo woo…   So I’ll share his comment with you here, as well as the updated pictures.

By the way, the green upper structure is part of the bus, not the building behind it. Looking at it just now makes that window and air conditioner look like it might not be so.

CC 235 046 1200

Here’s how it looked back then. And here’s the owner’s comment:

Oh hai whatcha know. Thats my bus. It did have a 351m v6 in it. I replaced it with a 305c v6 from a 66 pickup but retained the beefed up timing chain cover/ dual thermostats.

The color was my “primer” to cover up the even gaudier paint it had when i got it. Ive upgraded to a 600w solar system on a folding mast. The loft is getting wired late winter to include all the leds i can possibly add and yes, a stripper pole will most certainly serve the position of foremast with a projector atop pointing at a screen on the main mast.

Oh yeah, fabbing up a metal tree at my shop to support the dome and the open pentagon will be a fog cannon.

CC 279 029 1200

And here’s a closer look at the dome, which has now been sheathed in steel sheets that are quickly acquiring some patina.

CC 279 031

Is that a landing deck up there?

I’m guessing that this bus didn’t exactly get any faster with the swap from a 351 to a 305 CID V6. But then, who’s in a hurry? It looks like it’s only moved a block or so since I shot it in 2014.