CC Outtake: The Ultimate Hippie Bus Found In Eugene


(first posted 12/14/2016)   Having spent way too much time this morning talking about how Ken Kesey’s IH bus Further inspired endless VW bus Mini-mes, here’s the ultimate mash-up of the two, even if the International is a bit to modern. These VW-bus topped hippie buses were something of an icon, and I had long suspected there had to be one in town still. Sure enough, I found a couple of days ago, by taking a wrong turn. No, wait; a right turn. 


It’s in a driveway, so my shots are not ideal. And the International Loadstar bus is rather a short one, its body barely longer than the VW bus.


The only way this could be topped would be for the VW to be a 23-window Samba, with its big canvas sunroof.  I’ll keep my eyes open…