CC Outtake: The Well-Battered Toyota Pickup Bed

This Toyota pickup bed has seen some hard work, but its labors are not done yet. It belongs to a friend of mine, who has created an “eco village” out of what started out as a couple of old houses on a several large lots.  He’s built a number of new houses there, as well as renovated the old ones. And there’s lots of gardens and other projects. It’s not totally dissimilar to what I’ve done, except for the overt “eco” part.

And his old Toyota pickup has hauled it all; it’s been his only self-propelled vehicle he’s owned in decades. And I drop by once in a while to say hi and watch the continued battering of his pickup bed. I should have taken pictures all these years. 

That’s one of the several new houses he built. And it looks like that pile of firewood was undoubtedly hauled by the Toyota, as his houses all have wood stoves (good from a renewable energy POV; not so good from an air quality POV).

The bed in my old Ford has probably hauled about as much. I’ve cringed many a time as a big loader dropped a yard or more of rocks into my bed. But it’s made of sterner stuff (thicker steel), and shows almost none of the symptoms that his bed does. It was one of the reasons I bought  Ford of this vintage, compared to the wood beds of the Chevy and GM, which inevitably rot out.

Before anyone might be tempted to diss this Toyota because of its bed, keep in mind that the bed was made in the US by a supplier, and added after the chassis/cab was shipped from Japan, to avoid the 25% Chicken Tax. He’s very unlikely to buy a new truck, and the Toyota is probably good to go for another decade or two, but maybe he needs to find a replacement bed. It would be recycling, after all, which is right up his alley.