CC Outtake: There’s a New Mitsubishi Van In Town – This Is What Keeps Me Going

I’ve been struggling with CC fatigue. After ten years of this, it’s getting harder to be inspired to write about another old car; it seems like we’ve done them pretty much all. But then something comes along to perk me up, like this Mitsubishi van which I spotted at a stop sign a ways off on our walk. Whoa! The last one of these in town disappeared a while back. I thought it was the end of the road for these. I whipped out my phone hoping to get at least a distant shot.

I suddenly had a new spring in my step, and headed towards it, but I figured it would pull away before I got there. But you never know…

It was still there as we got closer. I’ve definitely never seen this one here before.

And as I approached it with my phone in front of me, snapping away, the young woman in the passenger side got what I was doing and opened her window. I called out to her: Nice Mitsubishi van! I haven’t seen one in town for some years!

Oh; you know what it is. Yeah; I just bought it in Bend this weekend. I’ve been wanting something like this and I finally found one.

Awesome! Congratulations. Enjoy it! I’m going to be posting it, at!

Cool! I’ll look for it!

The essence of CC is about celebrating the old cars still on the road, and this Mitsubishi van is worth a celebration. My enthusiasm is restored, at least until the next good find.


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