CC Outtake: Some New Genuine CC’s have Moved In

CC 297 020 1200

Lil’ Man and I walk by this house three blocks from mine every morning at 7:10 AM on our morning constitutional. One day recently, this green Chevette appeared. And then a few days later, the F100. New genuine CC neighbors!

CC 297 019 1200

New Chevettes don’t exactly grow on bamboo, so this was a rather pleasant surprise. I’m not exactly sure of the year, as I didn’t go and look at the front end, but it’s from before the 1981 re-fresh (although that didn’t exactly make it any fresher). But it’s still doing what it was intended to do, and that’s saying something after 35 years or more.

I’ve written up quite a few Chevettes over the years, so I don’t really have a whole lot more to add, except that for the fact that it made my morning. But then it doesn’t take a whole lot to do that at 7:10 walking the dog on the same route every morning. Beats picking up dog shit, in any case.

CC 297 018 1200

The Ford, which I peg as a ’79-’80, unless I’ve goofed (again), is a bit less surprising, although these are starting to get thinner on the ground. Well, that goes for just about anything old, vintage and with four wheels still turning. The old car market is at least as hot as the real estate market, and seemingly everyone wants an old car or truck that is still in half-way decent shape. Or not, as patina is of course also in great demand. Is spotting genuine curbside classics going to become an endangered sport?