CC Outtake: Toyota Sportivos In Cyber Green – It Ain’t Exactly British Racing Green

When Toyota introduced the Sportivo variants of its XV40-series Camry and Aurion, they gave them what’s often referred to as a hero color – that color that’ll feature most prominently in media photos and the press fleet. But rather than give these sporty sedans a hero color traditionally associated with sporty cars, like a bold red or a bright yellow, they prominently featured Sportivos in what they called “Cyber Green”. Because mint green is sporty, apparently.

Cyber Green was certainly a distinctive shade and it’s always nice to see green cars on the road considering that color seems to go out of fashion for long spells. It was exclusive to the Sportivo variants of the Camry and Aurion, much like the boldest purples, oranges and yellows were exclusive to sports versions of the contemporary Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore. Though the green was the Camry Sportivo’s hero color, the Aurion was typically promoted in a bright gold called Aurora Gold.

Toyota isn’t the only company to choose a peculiar signature color for a car with sporting aspirations. The scintillating N variants of the latest Hyundai i30 and Veloster are almost always advertised in Performance Blue, a beguiling pale blue that looks like little else on the road.

Those of you outside Australia may be thinking the name Cyber Green sounds familiar or that you’ve seen this shade before. Curiously, it’s nearly identical to the Cyber Green used on Volkswagen’s New Beetle. Yes, Toyota used almost the exact color of the insufferably cutesy New Beetle on their sportiest mid-size sedans.

Aurion was simply the name of the Camry with the V6, somewhat disingenuously advertised as being a segment above the Camry; really, the Camry was almost as big as a Falcon or Commodore anyway but it was considered a mid-size here and the others full-size. Toyota Style Australia designed unique front and rear styling which was, in turn, used on Camrys sold in Asian markets. The new look was a massive improvement over the rather snubby snout of the regular Camry.

The Sportivo trim was more or less identical to the North American SE trim, using a firmer suspension tune, alloy pedals and sportier interior trim. Camry Sportivos were relatively rare, most XV40 models here typically being base models used in company fleets.

Aurion Sportivos are a more common sight although they could never match the Holden Commodore SV6 and Ford Falcon XR6 in sales – never underestimate the power of an established name, a perception of larger dimensions, and rear-wheel-drive. The Queensland Police Service did use Aurion Sportivos for some time, however. They were white, though. Not spearmint – sorry, Cyber – Green.

Are you a fan of Cyber Green?