Cohort Outtake: 1966 Ford LTD – “Remarkable! I Do Believe Your Ford Is Quieter!”

All these years, and we’ve never had a proper ’65 or ’66 LTD four door. I wrote my ’65 LTD CC “It Launched the Great Brougham Epoch” using a two door hardtop, which was really all wrong, as the semi-fastback coupe was hardly a proper brougham. And I can hardly ever remember seeing any of those coupes back then. The LTD was all about the four door, at least the first two years. In 1967, the LTD got its own unique roofline, although that was really just thanks to a fatter C pillar.

But here at last, we have a proper ’66 LTD four door, shot in front of the Capitol, no less, by Rui Meireles, a new Cohort poster.

There’s only two shots, including this one from the front. And I see the license plate leaves no doubt as to its identity.

It seems a bit retrograde comparing the ’66 LTD against a Jaguar Mk X for quietness, given that the ’65 was pitted against a Rolls-Royce.

And quieter than a Grosser 600, even. Gott im Himmel! These Amerikaner…what’s next? That their damn LTD handles better than our European cars?

Well, it most likely does than Lord Bath’s 7 passenger Daimler limo.

Enough of that. It seems Ford scoured the continent for cars to show up with its quietness.

Let’s wrap this quickie look at Ford’s Brougham for the People with a shot of one of the Lehmann-Petersen stretch sedans, which is unusual in being a hardtop.

As is apparent from this shot of a ’65, there’s a third side window that apparently rolls down too. I wonder if that sealed well and was as quiet as the factory sedan?


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